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How to Wrap Headphones to Prevent Tangle

Nothing is worse than reaching for your headphones and coming away with a knotted jumble of cables; but with the right techniques, you can save yourself from the hassle of constantly untangling wires. While there is plenty of information on the web on how to wrap earbuds, it is nearly

Clean white headphones on a newspaper

How to Clean Headphones Correctly?

Cleaning headphones is an easy process that is not given nearly enough value. Your headphones are likely an accessory that you use every single day – and you’d be wrong if you thought they don’t accumulate some gross stuff over time. Don’t let your headphones feel neglected after all they

A pile of black headphones

How Do Headphones Work?

Compared to smartphones, laptops, and other electronics, headphones may seem like a pretty basic technology – but in reality, a lot of advanced engineering and physics goes on behind your “cans” when playing your favorite beats. Understanding how headphones work is essential for music professionals, but even if you’re just

Red headphones

What are the Best Headphone Brands in 2017?

Most of us have considered our headphones as our escape from the rest of the world. When our headphones are on, we shut out any of the external forces that keep us connected to other people. This is the primary reason why we need to have headphones that are of